Breathe Birth Preparation & Education

Yarra Valley Midwives are not currently running Breathe Birth classes, if you are having a Homebirth with Yarra Valley Midwives we will incorporate the information from our classes to ensure you are able to have an informed empowered birth.

At the heart of Breathe pregnancy and birth classes are our families, both new and growing. 

Breathe pregnancy and birth classes are evidence based, giving you and your family proven strategies to allow each individual the birth experience you have manifested. Breathe birthing classes gives couples individual focus that allows both women and her chosen support to feel physically and emotional equipped, through modern and traditional techniques adapted by Lisa & Robyn. The strategies and techniques learned and practised throughout your pregnancy will evolve into intuitive behaviour when your special time arrives, empowering you with trust and knowledge of your birthing body. Each birth is sacred and a time to rejoice.

Breathe pregnancy classes are tailored for all couples, we welcome both first time parents, people with new partners or growing families, and most importantly all birth types. Breathe birthing classes are held in a warm and nurturing environment where all are welcome and each individual is catered for.


Book a class or contact Robyn & Lisa to learn more.