Planning you Homebirth with your Yarra Valley Midwives


Home Birth

Homebirth is a life choice

Homebirth is a life choice

Labour and birth is a sacred and intimate experience between the woman, her baby and her chosen support. For most women pregnancy is a time of wellness and associated with positive outcomes. Studies prove maternity and birth care by a known midwife in your own home is associated with less need for pain relief, less intervention, more control with a sense of empowerment and a more positive birth experience with a high rate of normal birth outcomes.

If you are wanting or considering a home birth, Yarra Valley Midwives work in close partnership with mothers and families, collaborating with professionals at times to ensure you and your baby’s well-being and safety is a priority. Information given is evidenced based and all risks and benefits are thoroughly considered, A detailed birth sketch is created as the pregnancy grows with birth planning considerations and transfer strategies clearly documented.

Your Homebirth will be attended by two Yarra Valley Midwives who honour and respect normal physiological birth. Yarra Valley Midwives are trained in obstetric emergencies, mother and baby resuscitation and have emergency medications and equipment available.

  • First introduction meeting: no obligation information session Bulk Billed*

  • Your appointments are held in our beautiful rooms in Healesville

  • We will visit you at home around 36 wks to be familiar with your home and your birthing space & preferences

  • We visit you and your new baby at home for three visits after birth

Antenatal appointments will usually be with your primary Midwife

Postnatal care is available for six weeks after your baby is born; including the six week mother and baby check

Antenatal and postnatal appointments including home visits are charged separately at each appointment

Homebirth Cost’s

Endorsed Midwife (Primary) and second midwife to be available 24/7 on call to attend your homebirth $5,200

Pool hire and single use liner $120 (YVM clients only).

Antenatal Appointment $120 (*Medicare Rebates $46.15)

Care-plan Visit around 22-24 weeks $450 (*Medicare Rebate $271.15)

Your scheduled birth plan visit in your home (1) $150 (*Medicare Rebate $46.15)

Postnatal Appointment $120 (*Medicare Rebates $66.75)

Postnatal Homevisit $150 per visit (*Medicare Rebate $66.75)

*Medicare rebates are only available for Medicare card holders. Rebates are approximate and may be higher depending on your Medicare Safety Net, please visit; 

https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/medicare/medicare-safety-net#group-128 for more information.

Additional Costs

** Distance greater than 50 km's from Healesville incur an additional $1,000


Contact Yarra Valley Midwives to discus if you are suitable for a homebirth.

Pregnancy Care

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Pregnancy is generally a time of wonder and excitement; life is being created in every second of every day. You will experience new sensations and emotions that can be unfamiliar and difficult to explain or understand. Remember, this is your pregnancy, your body, your baby and your journey. We want to support you to feel happy, nurtured and safe. By ensuring your privacy and open communication your pregnancy care will remain focused on you and your baby’s needs. All information and education provided is non-biased and evidenced based, this ensures you can make informed decisions in regards to all aspects of your pregnancy care.

Your antenatal care is provided by either Lisa or Robyn in our private rooms which is close to local shops and customer parking is available. Although one of us will be your main midwife, we work closely together throughout your pregnancy so you will get to know both of us. 

  • The number of pregnancy visits you have can vary from 8 - 14 depending on circumstances and need.

  • The Booking visit is a Bulk Billed appointment where we explain our models of care, fees and will review in depth any relevant medical and/or obstetric history providing advise or recommendations.

  • Mother and baby well-being are reviewed at every antenatal visit, this includes listening to your baby's heart beat, measuring your blood pressure and baby growth as well as reviewing and ordering pathology tests or ultrasounds as required, with the place of birth evolving throughout your pregnancy.

  • We focus on optimal nutrition and physical preparation for pregnancy and birth.

  • A Maternity Care Plan visit will occur between 20 - 36 weeks of pregnancy. At this visit your pregnancy and birth expectations and wishes are explored in preparation of your personal birth journey.


Contact Yarra Valley Midwives for further information

Postnatal Care

Postnatal Care.jpg

Yarra Valley Midwives are there to help support your transition to motherhood with 6 weeks of postnatal care. The first week after birth we will visit you and your baby in your own home, then weekly or as often as you require in our rooms completing your care with the 6 week mother and baby check. At each visit your emotional and physical needs are reviewed, breastfeeding assistance is provided and advice on normal newborn behaviour and settling techniques discussed.  Your baby's growth, weight and development is monitored with education and assistance in transitioning to parenthood our priority.   


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All appointments attract Medicare rebates